I love the depth of field on this.

I love the depth of field on this.

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And…here is a first look at my Steampunk Lara Croft costume. 

Blouse, Vest, Shorts, & Spats by: Blasphemina’s Closet
Leatherworking lessons by: Thomas Ignatius 
Jetpack, Guns, Dagger, Wig Styling & Props by: Meagan Marie
Makeup by: Hydred Makabali
Based on Commissioned Concept Art by: Tess Fowler (soon to be revealed!)

I’m about 75 percent happy with this costume, but need to fix a few items before I wear it again. First, my Dagger of Xian broke five minutes into the convention, which had me feeling pretty down for a half hour or so. I’ve also got to figure out a way to keep the vest and undershirt from riding up and adding a lot of extra bulk to my midsection. I think some snaps and another fitting should do the trick, and help my silhouette be a bit more Lara-esq in the process.

I’ll do a pro shoot as soon as we find the perfect location! Photographer credits in each caption. 

Yay. I got my phone fixed and now the camera works again. No more blurry photos from me. (Taken with Instagram at Marc & Catriona’s Place)